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David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Anyone who knows me will say my biggest obsession in this world are elephants. The brilliant and caring nature of them infiltrates my life whenever it can.  In my business development class during my marketing course, we were instructed to create a role-play to pitch a product to a real company of your choosing. I took this opportunity to faux redesign the web presence for an organization that I had become so attached to.


The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) is an organization based out of Kenya that works tirelessly to rescue, conserve and protect the wildlife and environment that span across Nairobi's Tsavo National park.  I first Discovered the organization through Instagram (@Sheldricktrust), their posts contained so much life and personality. In-depth accounts behind their rescues and the day to day shenanigans that take place caring for such a diverse set of animals. However, I didn't feel that their current website (which has been since redone in 2019!) carried that same brand energy and sparked the same joy. 

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Angela Hayward


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Web Development

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I wanted to design a site that connected users to support their cause and draw awareness into the issue the trust is working so hard to combat. I laid out a fluid concept that draws the users to scroll down the home page gaining quick insight into their motivation and objectives.  I allowed for potential donors or enthusiasts to easily access information concerning the initiatives the trust pursues such as the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned elephants, the conservation of habitats and the national park, also, their daily efforts to combat the animal poaching epidemic in the area.​

I utilized images from their social media to emphasize the volunteer power involved in making the changes that the society strives for in the national park.  This brought the personality and intimacy from their Instagram page and used it as a tool to connect with its visitors.  I incorporated regal colours such as royal blue and muted gold to represent the openness of the African national park, feelings of freedom and expansiveness, and characteristics like loyalty, sincerity, and wisdom.  ​Pairing these colours with a strong bold white typeface really offers contrast to the page and brings immediate attention to the headers.


A multidisciplinary designer armed with a marketing diploma with over 5 years of freelance experience.  My diverse skill set extends to website design, logo design, branding and identity.  I am obsessed with the power of design, from clever branding and packaging to sleek typography.   When I am not designing for a client, you can find me practicing my skills, exploring the mountains with my blue heeler, Maze, or binging documentaries on Netflix.

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I am always keen to collaborate with dynamic businesses and be involved in interesting projects.  Feel free to reach out & get the ball rolling,

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