Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

Four20 Premium Market

Four20 Premium Market is a Calgary based cannabis retailer, that goes to extensive lengths to shatter the stigmas attached to cannabis use and the stereotypical consumer. 

By taking an educational approach, they are engaged in sparking a new culture around cannabis use and elevate its current standards in our community.


A segment of the marketing degree curriculum at SAIT addresses managing the day to day marketing challenges and barriers real companies must overcome.    Four20 Premium Market was enlisted by our instructor to aid in proposing a solution that fostered brand awareness to their audience while continuing to assist the people cannabis serves in light of legalization in Canada.


After understanding the goals of the organization, as well as our limitations within the new legislation, we compiled a detailed Integrated Marketing Communication plan (IMC plan).  The comprehensive marketing plan included a full company background, in-depth target market research and 10 separate deliverables. Each objective is paired with a specific strategy, timeline, budget, and creative proof source (You can download the entire result here).

Client / 

Julie Gathercole 

Amber Craig


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Prototype  IMC Plan

Incl. App Design


Event Material

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One of my deliverables addressed the objective of growing the Four20 Premium Market loyalty base through an app.  The app would serve as an online repository for their inventory, allowing consumers to browse products, read strain reviews, access relevant information, and locate nearby stores.  


I designed an app interface aligned with the brands existing aesthetic standards, incorporating their use of black as a background colour, and using pink and orange to compliment that.  I then devised mockups of the age-restricted landing screen and a prototype product page to exhibit the functionality of the product.

Aligning with the fundamental goal of removing negative stigmas, the IMC plan revolved around a “Farm Fresh” theme.  The idea was to emphasize the naturalness of the product by collaborating with a brand already associated with that vision.  A strategic partnership was proposed between Four20 Premium Market and a local honey company. The symbiotic collaboration would offer a line of hemp-infused honey, soaps, and balms, branded by both companies, to be available to consumers of both organizations.  I designed the proposed product packaging for the hemp-infused honey, and lip balm lines, utilizing the company’s current brand symbols and colours.

The biggest deliverable was to organize a “Marijuana Mythbusting” event.  This function would serve as a casual introduction to cannabis and the incoming regulations.  The goal was to foster interest and awareness by allowing people to attend and learn about marijuana misconceptions in a supportive environment.


I fashioned the branded printed collateral for the event including promotional banners, event signage and the tickets that would be used for admittance.


A multidisciplinary designer armed with a marketing diploma with over 5 years of freelance experience.  My diverse skill set extends to website design, logo design, branding and identity.  I am obsessed with the power of design, from clever branding and packaging to sleek typography.   When I am not designing for a client, you can find me practicing my skills, exploring the mountains with my blue heeler, Maze, or binging documentaries on Netflix.

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