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Muttley Crüe Organics is a Calgary based, award-winning doggy grooming, daycare, and boarding facility.  Since inception in 2009, they have grown to become the first environmentally friendly and sustainable pet care business of its kind in North America, managing to reduce their waste to under 1%!

The owner, Annie Cole, came to me with a vision to design a website that matches the lively personality of their brand.  The goal was to provide an online resource for their multitude of services, expert groomers, hours of operation and connection to their highly regarded Instagram page.

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Annie Cole


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Web Development


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Working with Muttley Crüe's existing brand and its vibrant photographic assets, I was able to design a website that reflected them as an organization.  Utilizing leaf-like patterns, organic textures, and clean typography, was able to promote the theme of naturalness. I crafted a responsive web experience that allows the user to quickly and easily find information regarding grooming, daycare or boarding requirements for their dogs.  The layout is simple yet effective displaying their energetic photos on each page, paired with icons that clearly represent the highlights of each service. Through the use of high-contrast buttons, consumer attention is drawn to calls of action driving a connection between the organization and its audience.

Since the website was launched in December 2018, the website has seen almost 100,000 page visits with an average of 1500 unique visitors every month. An animal lover myself, I was proud to work with Muttley Crüe to empower the effectiveness of this site.​


A multidisciplinary designer armed with a marketing diploma with over 5 years of freelance experience.  My diverse skill set extends to website design, logo design, branding and identity.  I am obsessed with the power of design, from clever branding and packaging to sleek typography.   When I am not designing for a client, you can find me practicing my skills, exploring the mountains with my blue heeler, Maze, or binging documentaries on Netflix.

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