The Pain Society of Alberta is a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals who are commitment to the study, treatment, and management of chronic pain within Alberta.



The PSA encompasses education, resources, and support for healthcare providers in an effort to improve patient care delivery and outcomes for people struggling with persistent pain.



Their goal was to design a refined website which would house a repository of resources and serve as a platform for their annual conference.


The organization also aimed to bolster their social media presence on Twitter.



Launched a user-friendly website with an up to date repository of resources for healthcare practitioners and patients alike. 

Refocused their social media strategy, improving all possible metrics.

The Brief

Their goal was to re-design and expand the current online presence.  The PSA strives to become the key source for up to date information regarding pain management strategies, while also fostering relations and building the annual conference to include quality presenters and evidence-based information.  They aim to provide education, and ultimately encourage collaborations with national health care providers.​

The PSA aimed to maximize its Twitter Impact and establish a YouTube channel.  These streams would be utilized to share information pertinent to the society, promote their annual pain conference, connect healthcare providers with relevant industry information, and offer captured presentations from distinguished speakers.

The Solution

The website was reconstructed from the ground up and organized in a way for users to directly source all the necessary pain management tools, professional development opportunities, and blogs relating to chronic pain in Alberta.

This meant structuring the website content so that it is simple to find and understand, as well as making it easy for patients and healthcare practitioners to locate the correct resource necessary for their affliction. This was a key point in the brief, and believe the clean archive achieves the goal nicely (if I do say so myself!).

The website was launched on June 1st, 2020.  In the first 3 months, the site garnered over 7,000 views and attracted almost 4,000 new visitors.  Organic traffic increased by 37% and the bounce rate improved by 19% based on analytics from their previous website.

Their social media strategy was conceived from competitive market analysis of the other forces in the industry, both national and international.  The endeavour focused on targeted content and networking tactics, increased audience engagement, and a periodic posting schedule.  

I produced a comprehensive social media schedule and established content that promoted the society as well as their October 2020 virtual conference.  I oversaw all social media analytics, ensuring that the current practices and tactics were effective.

In the first 5 months of managing the Twitter account, we garnered a 40% increase in followers and a steady average engagement rate of 6% monthly.  Traffic sources to the website show that each month, 10% of overall traffic comes directly from Twitter.  

A comprehensive strategy was organized to promote the #PainAB2020 Virtual Conference, held October 2020.  This plan produced content for both the website and Twitter and included Live Tweeting the historic 3 day event.  The biggest pain conference in Canadian history welcomed over 4500 registrants and 38 distinguished speakers from all over the world. 

The hashtag, #PainAB2020, was used over 3k times during the conference weekend.  The Twitter account garnered 140k impressions, 1k mentions, 3k profile visits and 200 followers.  The website was home to the conference livestream supporting 28k hits and 11k unique visitors from over 35 different countries.



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